Name: Michael Wilson

Grade 2nd degree black belt kickboxing


Martial arts have always been in my family history, my grandfather Tok Mac was a Pencak Silat practitioner in Malaysia. So growing up thousands of miles away in Yorkshire I felt the pull of martial arts at an early age. I started my martial arts journey with Shotokan karate which gave me an appreciation for discipline and structure. Later moving onto Shindo Kia (Wado Ryu) in my teens which really gave me a chance to express myself in competition.

By the time I was 18 I was becoming an accomplished student always chasing that Black belt dream but my ambition was cut short as in 1992 when I joined the Royal Navy. 

See the video below to discover a little part of my naval career.

It was ten years later before I began training again this time in a Karate based Kickboxing class.

I spent 2 years training here before finally finding the Zheng Dao Lo academy in 2004.

ZDL had been my family for 10 years and had given me the opportunity to realise many of my dreams, achieving my black belt in 2006 and my second degree in 2010 in Chinese Kickboxing.

I have also trained in Kung Fu, Tai Chi and have completed a Full Instructors course.

I enjoy teaching my own class these days and I see my biggest achievements are the successes of my students. I run a family based class with my wife Sharon- 2nd degree Black belt.

The classes have a big family feel which is something we pride ourselves on and is the key to our success.


                                                                                                    Michael Wilson.