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Our Chinese Kickboxing class is not your typical martial arts class. When you think kickboxing you are bombarded with the images of Thai Boxing. Our classes include the following: 

  •  a complete body work out.

  • pad-work.

  • stretching.

  • optional light contact sparring.

Derived from the Chinese fighting arts, kickboxing is now one of the most enjoyable and productive means of achieving fitness through a martial arts system.

Classes are structured and challenging, and provide a great way to improve fitness, body tone, stamina and self-defence. 

The progress of each student is denoted by their grade. Gradings are held every 3 months to promote students to the next belt (ultimately reaching black belt status). Tournaments are externally available and support will be given to any student entering competition. 

First class is free so why not give something different a go? you might enjoy it.


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Locks Heath Lions Kickboxing

Insured through Martial arts Great Britian who provide our students insurance.



Instructor insured through Martial Guard




Michael Wilson:


CONTACT: michael.wilson2@bskyb.com or Tel: 07899698047 TO BOOK A CLASS.

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