The following information is all you should need to know about our classes and our academy. should you have any other questions please use the Equire Here tab and i will get back to you ASAP.


How much does it cost?



class cost £6.50 per lesson and we now take card payment.

Insurance is annualy £10 per year


Can i pay monthly?


Yes you can, for members we have a standing order option:

  • 1 class per week=£24 pcm saving £2

  • we also take card payments



What is the Insurance?


 3rd party insurance, which covers you should you injure anyone during training. And membership to the class, which allows you to Grade and compete.

Annual cost is £10


What else do i need?


To begin with (until you are sure you want to commit) we recomend training in loose joggers, trainers and a t shirt, also bring a drink. When you are ready to commit then we would ask you to buy the schools Kit.

these items are available from your instructor and are detailed below. Dont worry you wont need it all at once, but you MUST buy it from your instructor as we can determine the quality of goods meeting our training/competing requirements.


Who can train?


We only have the one limitation to training that is the Lower age limit of 6 yrs old. There is no upper age limit or fitness level. You will be encouraged to train to your level but still pushed for gradual imrpovement. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and you are respectful of you instructor, fellow students and the skill you are about to learn.


Can i compete?


Opportunities to compete are available through out the year at external competitions. We would support any students wishing to compete in any external events such as the CIMAC events.

Although we encourage Competing it is not essential to training.


How do i get my Black Belt?


We conduct gradings for our students every 4 month so you will have the opportunity to grade 3 times a year, as long as you complete the required number of lessons before grading days.

A typical grade consists of Fitness, Kicking and punching technique, pad work and sparring.


Where are you


Victory Hall

27 Warsash Road
SO31 9HW 


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